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ESPN wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: May 22, 2008 4:01 pm

My first complaint in my first blog gets to go to ESPN......

I am a hockey fan and a little biases.....and I know this arguement may be getting old, but their hockey coverage is a attrocious....I feel that the NHL needs a much air time as the NBA playoffs....You get a 10 second clip from the Eastern and Western confrence finals....and the only spot light is on Sidney Crosby (no offense I think he is awesome) but come on!!!!!

If I want to watch a recap and analysis I have to time it just right to catch Barry "I have been a way from the game for too long I dont know whats going on anymore" Melrose to give me some BS comments!!!!! And BUCCI...well BUCCI isnt bad...BUCCI come over to CBS and write some Articles and kick that Wes "I want Sidney Crosby so bad"(again no shot at the Pens, just Goldstein) Goldstein off this website.

Any way just wanted to point out the reason we me setting up this blog....Send a complaint....reply to a what ever just let it all out....all is fair in this Blog!!!!!


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Posted on: December 18, 2008 12:22 am


ESPN is just doing what anyone else in business does.  Do what is best for making the money.  They cover the hell outta the Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers,  Irish, Tiger Woods, Gators, and Red Sox becasue their fan base is asking for it.  Just also happens that those are big fan bases that happen to be in major cities, for the most part.

I love ESPN, i really do.  PTI is probalby the sports debate show outthere.  Mike and Milke are great too.  They do overcover a lot of stories that a lot of fans do not want to see.  It kills me sometimes the crap they pull, but overall they have some really good talent on air.  A lot of talent that makes up for having such idiots as Jemele Hill, Chris Berman, Lou Holtz and Steven A. Smith. 

Lets face it, ESPN was a pioneer.  They are just like everyone else, trying to make a buck.  I do wish sometimes though, that they would get back to basics a little.  I am sick of seeing TO every time he takes a dump, or gets his mail.  I could really care less about Plaxico and his gat.  And don't get me started about OJ.

ESPN has just become a victim of society like many other brands.  We just have to live with it, i guess. 

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Posted on: July 1, 2008 8:45 pm

ESPN wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ESPN is just awful. I have several blog posting discussing my ire with the four-letter network.

I have to disagree with you about Wes Goldstein. I usually like his articles, and I'm not much of a Sidney Crosby fan either. I think many in the media though are wrapped around his finger.

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